We are looking for talent to share passion and share the challenge of novelty.

Our Ideal Employee/Welfare benefits.

Our Ideal Employee

fist Passion

Dreaming of a passionate life

A talent who dreams of becoming a leader by leading change
an electric bulb Creativity.

Talent who can apply it to practice based on creative thinking

Understanding the nature of the problem, suggesting a
alternative to new thinking and improving it
Flag at the top of the mountain. Challenge

A thorough challenge for the future

Challenge to become a hidden champion who leads the world market

Salary system

  • Salary

    The annual salary system for office workers / hourly wage system for on-site workers

  • Performance bonus.

    Special bonus based on management performance

Welfare benefits.

We provide HWAYOUNG's executives and employees with opportunities for continuous self-development and provides a foundation for all employees to maintain a more comfortable and stable life

  • hospital

    Health checkup/medical expenses support

    • Support for comprehensive health examination expenses for long-term employees
  • Summer holidays

    Summer holidays

    • Paid vacation for the summer vacation
  • Reward


    • R&D Best Employee Award
    • Regular reward for exemplary employee/excellent employee
  • Congratulations and condolences leave / Congratulations and condolences money

    Congratulations and condolences leave / Congratulations and condolences money

    • Congratulations and condolences leave, and money will be given
  • Soccer ball

    Club activity support

    • Financial support for club activity
  • Gift

    Gift, Anniversary event

    • New Year's/Chuseok holidays, anniversary gifts will be given
    • Certificate will be given as a gift for birthday
    • Anniversary event
  • Beer

    United event

    • Support for picnic and get-together
  • Spoon, fork

    Other welfare benefits

    • Running an in-house restaurant
    • Work clothes will be given
    • Operation of sports facilities

Welfare benefits

The operation of a compensation system for improved performance for joint development of the company and its employees

  • a. Participation incentives : Provide ideas for quality improvement, productivity improvement, labor improvement, and welfare improvement.
  • b. Performance incentives : Performance incentives are paid when performance is derived from improvement ideas of executives and employees

Education support system

Provide opportunities for job improvement through in-house education and training according to individual competencies to adapt to the newly changing business environment

  • a. Domestic/Overseas : Overseas training conducted by educational institutions and advanced companies to acquire advanced technologies
  • b. Competency education : Operation/support of educational programs according to individual work competencies
  • c. Language education : Operation/support of entrusted education programs specializing in foreign languages in and out of the company

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